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Our Mission

Our on-site mobile shredder comes to your facility, and will destroy your documents while you witness the document destruction. Your documents are shear shredded which is superior to strip shredding done with normal office shredders. Our truck can destroy 3,000 lbs of paper per hour. A typical office shredder can destroy 4 lbs per hour. Our bonded uniformed personnel will arrive at your site on a predetermined schedule, and destroy the documents, and provide a certificate of destruction.

What We Do

Shred Con provides a secure and reliable destruction of your most sensitive confidential documents.

Our professional organization and state of the art equipment comes to your facility. Your sensitive documents are destroyed on your premises and the process can be viewed by your personnel.

Locked containers are only accessible to our bonded security personnel as well as appropriate persons in your organization.

Services are provided to:
  • Financial Institutions
  • Medical Establishments
  • Governmental Organizations
  • And the Whole Business Community

We offer an efficient and cost effective way for your most sensitive documents to be forever destroyed.

You comply with government regulations while saving money and avoiding potential litigation with peace of mind.