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Scheduled Services

We contract with you and place the appropriate locked container(s) at your facility.

Our containers come in three sizes.
  • Small Office Console holding up to 100Lbs. of paper
  • Medium 65 Gal. holding up to 200Lbs. of paper
  • Large 95 Gal. holding up to 300Lbs. of paper

We schedule your on-site document destruction of the containers contents according to your needs (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly etc.).

Our state of the art mobile document destruction vehicles arrive at your site and shreds the contents of the container under your visual supervision if you desire.

Our bonded security personnel receives your signature upon completion and provides you a certificate of destruction.

Non-Scheduled Services

One Time or Periodic Cleanouts:
Upon your request, we will provide the appropriate containers or our staff will provide the loading services.

A relocation service:
If you are moving your operation we will schedule a cleanout to facilitate your move by destroying documents you will no longer need saving you time and expense to move unnecessary documents.

Tenant Services:
Landlord provided mobile document destruction services are enticing to tenants. Multi-tenant services are also available.

With our services you can
  • Eliminate the capital investment in shredding equipment.
  • Eliminate the time and personnel need to manually feed sheets of paper through noisy shredding equipment.
  • Eliminate moral decisions and security risks involved with company personnel responsible for shredding confidential and sensitive documents.
Our services allow you to remain focused on your business.